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It all started when I was very young. I was always a shy child and definitely an introvert, but secretly, I wanted to perform. I wanted to shine. I wanted to be a star. I wanted to try many things from softball, to cheer, to ice skating-I even wanted to be the next Tara Lipinski, attempting to “ice skate” by skating across my grandma’s kitchen floor in my socks. But there was one thing those activities had in common... money. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot, so those things were kind of out of the question. So, one day I just started singing along with the radio. My earliest influences were my Shania Twain and Juice Newton cassette tapes. The first CD I ever got I earned from helping my dad clean out an old refrigerator at the pawn shop he worked at. It was the first Mariah Carey cd. It was glorious. I listened to it on repeat on my cd Walkman while riding my bike. I also idolized Celine Dion and her song “The Power of Love”. I wanted to sing with that much precision and passion.

The first talent show I ever sang at was 5th grade I believe...I won a cassette player. I sang Unchained Melody. (LeAnn Rimes was another obsession)

When I was 12, my best friend and I started a band. That was when I got my first try at songwriting. She played drums and I played the keyboard I got for Christmas. I loved that thing! I’ll never forget playing my 7th or 8th grade talent show and using a wire hanger as a microphone holder...It was about that time my grandmother noticed my singing and began to really encourage me. She would beg me to sing and I would be so shy and nervous I had to go in the other room and shut the door. My cousin and I spent our summers in that Rose Room singing LeAnn Rimes songs on her karaoke machine. Grandma was my #1 fan.

In high school, I got really involved in my high school music program. I was in the advanced choir for three years and the school musical all four years. Finally, my senior year I got the lead role as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. I had finally scratched the surface of coming out of my introverted shell.

During my high school years I really found my niche in helping lead worship in my Youth group in Goodlettsville, TN. Those were some of the best experiences of my life. I was encouraged so much during my time there by so many People. One couple even paid for me to have voice lessons at Belmont Academy at Belmont University to help me get ready to go into music at the collegiate level.

While I was in college at Austin Peay State University (Let's go Peay), I majored in music, and after I graduated, I started a family. My son is my biggest blessing. More on that later... So, for many years music sat to the side quietly waiting to be rediscovered again while I raised my young son and worked other jobs. Many hard things happened during those years that led to where I am today. It was through a very difficult time in my life that I found music and myself again. One day I decided to post a video of my signing on Facebook. I wouldn’t show my face due to some insecurities I had. I got so many comments on that first video. Even though I sang in my church, many people still didn’t know about my singing. When I would find myself alone at night feeling sad and empty and had put my son to bed, I started singing and expressing how I felt through the songs I chose. I picked up the guitar again for the first time in probably 7 or 8 years and started learning songs I could accompany myself on. I started posting more videos on Facebook and YouTube and a few people reached out to me about playing some gigs in my town. This encouraged me more than they know and inspired me to start booking more gigs in my town. I have now even had the opportunity to play at some local music festivals.

It was through some more painful experiences that I decided I wanted to start writing my own songs. My journey as a single mom, betrayal, job loss and losing half the hearing in my left ear left me feeling hopeless. Music saved my life for the second time. (Jesus the first and Music the second) It was time to start telling some of my story (and believe me there are some stories) through song.

The first song I wrote as an adult is “The Way You Looked.” The feeling I had while writing it and when I finished are indescribable. I couldn’t believe this came out of me. I really know that in the end, everything comes from God. It would mean so much to be able to have music be my full-time career someday. I know it has the potential to change my son and I’s life. I want my son to see me as someone who didn’t give up even when literally EVERYTHING was stacked against us. He is my why.

I released that song on November 1st with the help and talent of some of the most amazing musicians in my town and and so here I am. I can’t believe the song has been streamed now almost 3,000 times. It may not seem like a lot to some, but for the shy, insecure little girl from TN, it means the whole world. I hope you will come along with me on my musical journey and enjoy the stories I will be sharing through song. And for the people that encouraged me along the way — thank you. Your words have meant more than you know.




National Anthem Performance
KY Super Preps Ceremony
SkyPac 5/12/2020 @ 5pm

Appearing on 103.7 Nash Icon - 2/18 @ 9:30AM
EP Coming soon
"The Way You Looked" dropped 11/1/19

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The difference between downloading and streaming is sooo important for independent artists! Well, any artist really! Since Apple Music is one of the largest streaming subscriptions in the world, I wanted to give a quick tutorial for those of you that didn’t know how to download. I didn’t really understand the importance of this myself until I released my own music.

Streaming only gives an artist a half of a penny or less per stream...yes you heard that right. Less than half a penny. Downloading an artist’s music gives the artist 60 cents or more per download depending on where you download. That is a HUGE difference!

So for all of you Apple Music Subscribers all you have to do is literally two steps. It takes five seconds and makes a huge impact!

🎵 Step 1-Click the + to add the song of the artist you want to support to your library
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That’s it! If you support local musicians and want to see us thriving, two simple clicks can make so much difference.


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